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Shell House showcase: Ince Castle

This gorgeous shell house and sunny shell designs were lovingly created in 1964 by Alice Lennox-Boyd. She and her husband had collected exotic shells for over 40 years... their outdoor Museum of Curiosities!

The Shell House,Ince Castle, Cornwall Coast

Ince Castle is possibly the oldest brick house in Cornwall (Grade1). The present owners, the Lennox-Boyds have lived here since 1960.

The manor house is castellated with 4 square corner towers each 4 storeys high. In the 9 acre garden is a shell house built in 1960 to display a vast collection of exotic shell and minerals collected during their colonial travels. It is a remarkable cabinet of curiosities.

Hexagonal, the lower section has over lapping scallop shells. The floor is a radial design of Kitley, Black Ashburton and Serpentine stone.

While the ceiling incorporates an ostrich egg and jet green chrysocolla fragments. The intricate shell designs were created by Lady Patricia Boyd.

The shell summer seat was decorated in 2011 and provides panoramic views of the estuary.

A detailed Red Book provides proof that shell decoration is still thriving in our landscape gardens

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