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Together Margaret and Gerald have published several books on shell houses and grottoes. These include Conchinilia Journey I, Conchinilia Journey II, and Half-Forgotten.

Please contact us for information on pricing and purchasing. 

NEW for 2021: An extended and enlarged Conchinilia Journey II: Shell Artists and Collectors  

Published October 2021 

  • Dr Gerald Hull and Margaret Hull are researchers and lecturers and this is their third and largest book on shell artistry and the ornamental world of the shell.

  • An extensively illustrated historical survey from the 18th century to the present, with recent outreach detail including Europe. These examine shell-decorated grottoes, summer houses, nymphaeum and retreats set in garden landscapes and as features and collections in villas across Britain, Ireland, Europe (and further afield) from the 17th -21st centuries. There are scores of contemporary references - a vital cyclopaedia.'

  • Lavishly produced with over 300 new colour photographs 

  • Over 70 British & Irish shell artists included 

  • Hundreds of sites in British Isles and Europe (including Russia) documented following personal visits and research 

  • The results also of over 60 lectures 2012 - 2020 (St Ives Literary Festival, Endsleigh House, Irish Georgian Society, London; Bath N.T., IGS Dublin, BRLSI, Dillington Hall, Dorset & Gloucester GS etc) 

  • Substantial revision and extension of 2018 lecture edition 

  • Recommendations presented from shell artists, landscape designers, owners of grottoes and shell houses, lecture organisers, historians and academics 

  • Currently privately available from the authors at 12 Bathwick Street, BATH BA2 6NY 



  •  UK. £25.00 + £5.00  postage & packing or €30.00/US$35.00 plus relevant postal rates. 

Payment to be made to Gerald Hull via PayPal at

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