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We have a variety of fully illustrated titles which we customise to audience and location. Shell work and decoration in architecture generally, churches, houses and grottoes form the core of our study. We present the historical, social and artistic context to what is a unique survey of a remarkable form, with associated detail on such subjects as Aphrodite/Venus, St James of Compostella and the technical aspects of shell art itself.

We have averaged 30 lectures a year throughout the U.K. and Ireland since 2014 and are now seeking, through our travels, to expand our research abroad, notably in Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. Hosts have included The National Trust, the BBC, the Irish Georgian Society in London, Glasnevin/Leinster GS in Dublin, St Ives Arts Festival, Cornwall, the Georgiana Society at Endsleigh House, Devon, Dillington Hall, Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institute, the Gloucester Society of WIs, various Welsh groupings and Bristol University amongst many others. Generally, we find ourselves lecturing to Trusts, Institutes, Architectural/Historical/Landscaping and Gardening Associations.


Our work is informed by visits – and friendships – with the majority of working shell artists today, notably Belinda Eade, Blott Kerr-Wilson, the late Diane Reynell, Linda Fenwick and Sarah Greenhall. We have researched for Rory Guinness in Wiltshire, visited the Marquis of Waterford in Ireland, the Earl of Leicester in Norfolk and Ingrid Thomas of Oxford University. Professor Timothy Mowl lives near us in Bath We have recently assisted Merida Drysdale with the authoritative biography of her mother, the Bermuda/Devon shell artist Joyce Gascoigne.

For 2021/2022 we are offering a range of virtual lectures via Zoom, the titles of these can be viewed below.

All lectures are connected to our 2021 publication Shell Artists and Collectors

Each is around 40 minutes long and is fully illustrated. Please contact for booking and payment. 


Lectures in preparation

There are a range of lectures which we are currently preparing for 2022/2023.

  • The Lost Grottoes of Britain, Europe and America 

  • Historic & Contemporary Shell Artists in Britain, Europe and America 

  • Shell Decoration in Palaces, Villas and Churches – the surprising and the Sinister: Portugal, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. 

  • Mary Delany: doyenne of shell artists – 50 years in the 18th Century. 

  • Ten Modern British Shell Artists. 

Commonly asked questions:​

What happens if I cannot attend the talk live?

We can send you a recording of the talk via email. 

What payment methods do you take?

All payments must be made via PayPal to


  • BRLSI (Bath)  “One of the best series we’ve had”  – Marie-Louise Luxembourg

  • The Honourable Rory Guinness   “I has been such a joy meeting and working with you”

  • Ruth Mannion-Daniels (naturalist) – “ I rejoice – your lectures have been so intriguing”

  • Blott Kerr-Wilson (shell artist) - ”unique, incredible… Hopefully this will encourage new shell houses and grottoes to be created.” 

  • Suzannah Fleming: “ I don’t know anyone who has done more than you to promote the historical and ongoing art-form of shellwork!” 

  • Patrick Mauries (Paris) “Thank you. I love your images of curiosities!” 

  • Professor Timothy Mowl – “I was so delighted to be there”

  • Dorset Gardens Trust  “One of our very best – you really deserve this turn out"

  • Tom and Polly (Earl of Leicester and his wife) “Thank you so much for this and coming to Norfolk”

  • Bath National Trust  “wonderful” – Mary Rood

  • Gloucester W.I. ”We want you again”

  • Pontypool VPA  “Terrific stuff”

  • Irish Georgian Society” (Ashleigh Murray) ”You brought in such a great crowd! Marvellous night!”

  • Dillington Hall (Denise Borer) “we loved your talk, and such a double act!!!”

  • National Gallery, Dublin (Niamh McNally) “Delighted to have you, thank you”

  • Bedwellty House, Tredegar” (Lucy Prichard) “This was truly amazing”

  • St Ives Arts and Literary Festival” (Bob Devereux) – “Brilliant – and dramatic. You got us a terrific audience”

  • Georgiana Society (Endsleigh House/Devon)  “You told us so much about the range of decorative detail in shell houses”

  • Noel Monahan (Windows Productions) “This was outstanding, just so good”

  • Belinda Eade (shell artist) – “enjoyed it very much – your book on shell artists was long overdue”

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