The shell house in Co. Cork (1995) was created by Darina Allen at her world famous Cookery School. Decorated by shell artist Blott-Kerr Wilson.



Carton House near Maynooth, Co. Kildare, is the home of Emily Lennox (as a child she helped create the Goodwood shell house). She also decorated the shell cottage at Carton - 1756. 
Later additions appeared in the 1840's.

Owned by Lord and Lady Waterford. The shell house 1751, was created by Catherine de la Poer, Countess of Tyrone.

Co. Wexford. Decorated 1921-2003 by Kevin Ffrench, (a sailor). Remote and standing outside the village, facing the Atlantic. Last house standing. Shell motifs are of local sites. and wrecks.

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