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The shell house in Co. Cork (1995) was created by Darina Allen at her world famous Cookery School. Decorated by shell artist Blott-Kerr Wilson.



Carton House near Maynooth, Co. Kildare, was the home of Emily Lennox (as a child she helped create the Goodwood shell house). She also decorated the shell cottage at Carton - 1756. 
Later additions appeared in the 1840's.

Owned by Lord and Lady Waterford. The shell house 1751, was created by Catherine de la Poer, Countess of Tyrone. The tiled quatrefoil shell house, east of the House in woodland, contains a life-size statue of Catherine by Johann van Nost. She holds a scallop and is set on a plinth of shells and notes the complex work took 261 days.

Co. Wexford. Decorated 1921-2003 by Kevin Ffrench, (a sailor). Remote and standing outside the village, facing the Atlantic. Last house standing. Shell motifs are of local sites. and wrecks.

The Shell House in Co. Meath Ireland was created in 2017 and is evidence that these features are still being built and decorated as garden fabriques.  The Shell Artist is Blott Kerr- Wilson  was commissioned by the owner to create internal designs that incorporated wild-life and tree features. The photos show part of the creative process involved in Shell Art.

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