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Both towns were used by pilgrims en route to Compostela in Spain. Statues of St Jaques/James appear in churches and streets. The scallop shell decorates many architectural features.

This "village-perche" was created around a chateau whose 15th-century owners the Agoult Simione family, used the scallop shell on their coat of arms. Carved shells appear on interior walls and decorate an enormous limestone fireplace. 2 village chapels display the scallop and Saint Jaques denoting pilgrimage links.

'Venice of Provence'. The 17th-century baroque church, Notre Dame Des Anges, has a Chapelle dedicated to Saint Roch and a statue of St James of Compostela. Allegorical statues and ceilings are enhanced by shell motifs. 

The Port of Marseilles, in Southern France, and its decorated obelisks at the main stations show a female figure with trident and a crown of scallop shells. 

The chateau (now 2 museums) and garden (a public park) were created in 1869. A magnificent fountain is framed by a Loggia with carved tritons, Venus, and shell motifs embellished on arches. A central area behind the fountain has a semi-circular grotto with caryatids and stalactites.

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