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Shell House Showcase: Villa Aldobrandini, Frascati

In 2018 we visited the magnificent 17th century Villa Aldobrandini during a tour of the Gardens of Rome and Frascati.

The villa has a commanding site, dominating the town of Frascati in Italy, and is still owned and lived in by the Aldobrandini family today.

The villa is one of the best and most famous example of the early Italian Baroque style and the palace is the centrepiece of the garden rather than sitting at the edge of it.

Within the Renaissance garden is the magnificent 'Water Theatre'- a Nymphaeum where classical statuary of Atlas, Neptune, Pan and Venus are displayed in rusticated niches. The tufa rock below Atlas contains a carved grotesque monster, an element of surprise, that is repeated in the huge tragic mask carved into the rock-work.

Try climbing the 400 hundred steps to the top of the cascade for great views over Frascati - quite an experience!

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